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  1. Murine Models of Salmonella Infection
    Curr Protoc. 2023 Jul;3(7):e824. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Walker GT, Gerner RR, Nuccio SP, Raffatellu M
  2. Harnessing Iron Acquisition Machinery to Target Enterobacteriaceae
    J Infect Dis. 2021 Jun 16;223(12 Suppl 2):S307-S313. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Sargun A, Gerner RR, Raffatellu M, Nolan EM
  3. Iron at the host-microbe interface
    Mol Aspects Med. 2020 Oct;75:100895. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Gerner RR, Nuccio SP, Raffatellu M
  4. Learning from bacterial competition in the host to develop antimicrobials
    Nat Med. 2018 Aug;24(8):1097-1103. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Raffatellu M
  5. G.I. Pros: Antimicrobial defense in the gastrointestinal tract
    Semin Cell Dev Biol. 2018 Feb 12. pii: S1084-9521(17)30414-7. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Chung LK, Raffatellu M
  6. Cytokines IL-17 and IL-22 in the host response to infection
    Pathog Dis. 2016 Dec 2. pii: ftw111. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Valeri M, Raffatellu M
  7. Mucosal immunity to pathogenic intestinal bacteria
    Nat Rev Immunol. 2016 Mar;16(3):135-48. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Perez-Lopez A, Behnsen J, Nuccio SP, Raffatellu M
  8. Metals in infectious diseases and nutritional immunity
    Metallomics. 2015 Jun;7(6):926-8. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Skaar EP, Raffatellu M
  9. No Vacancy: How beneficial microbes cooperate with immunity to provide colonization resistance to pathogens
    J Immunol. 2015 May 1;194(9):4081-4087. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Sassone-Corsi M, Raffatellu M
  10. Exploiting host immunity: the Salmonella paradigm
    Trends Immunol. 2015 Feb;36(2):112-120. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Behnsen J, Perez-Lopez A, Nuccio SP, Raffatellu M
  11. Nutritional iron turned inside out: Intestinal stress from a gut microbial perspective
    FEMS Microbiol Rev. 2014 Nov;38(6):1202-34. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Kortman GA, Raffatellu M, Swinkels DW, Tjalsma H
  12. Transition metal ions at the crossroads of mucosal immunity and microbial pathogenesis
    Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2014 Jan 24;4:2. eCollection 2014. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Diaz-Ochoa VE, Jellbauer S, Klaus S, Raffatellu M
  13. Probiotics: Properties, examples, and specific applications
    Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2013 Mar 1;3(3):a010074. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Behnsen J, Deriu E, Sassone-Corsi M, Raffatellu M
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  14. Th17 cytokines and the gut mucosal barrier
    J Clin Immunol. 2010 Mar;30(2):196-203. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Blaschitz C, Raffatellu M
  15. Salmonella‘s iron armor for battling the host and its microbiota
    Gut Microbes. 2010 Jan;1(1):70-72. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Raffatellu M, Bäumler AJ
  16. Life in the inflamed intestine, Salmonella style
    Trends Microbiol. 2009 Nov;17(11):498-506. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Santos RL, Raffatellu M, Bevins CL, Adams LG, Tükel C, Tsolis RM, Bäumler AJ
  17. Th17 cytokines and host-pathogen interactions at the mucosa: Dichotomies of help and harm
    Cytokine. 2009 Oct-Nov;48(1-2):156-60. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Liu JZ, Pezeshki M, Raffatellu M
  18. Clinical pathogenesis of typhoid fever
    J Infect Dev Ctries. 2008 Aug 30;2(4):260-6. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Raffatellu M, Wilson RP, Winter SE, Bäumler AJ
  19. Neutrophil influx during non-typhoidal salmonellosis: Who is in the driver’s seat?
    FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2006 Apr;46(3):320-9. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Tükel C, Raffatellu M, Chessa D, Wilson RP, Akçelik M, Bäumler AJ
  20. Capsule-mediated immune evasion: A new hypothesis explaining aspects of typhoid fever pathogenesis
    Infect Immun. 2006 Jan;74(1):19-27. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Raffatellu M, Chessa D, Wilson RP, Tükel C, Akçelik M, Bäumler AJ
  21. Molecular pathogenesis of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium-induced diarrhea
    Infect Immun. 2003 Jan;71(1):1-12. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Zhang S, Kingsley RA, Santos RL, Andrews-Polymenis H, Raffatellu M, Figueiredo J, Nunes J, Tsolis RM, Adams LG, Bäumler AJ