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  1. Salmonella respiration turns the tables on propionate
    Trends Microbiol. 2022 Mar;30(3):206-208. [PubMed] [Direct]
    Walker GT, Raffatellu M
  2. Pathogen Interference: Targeting Virulence Factors to Tackle Intracellular Microbes
    Cell Chem Biol. 2020 Jul 16;27(7):765-767. [PubMed] [Direct]
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    Nature. 2020 Apr;580(7805):594-595. [PubMed] [Direct]
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  4. Probiotic fengycins dis(Agr)ee with Staphylococcus aureus colonization
    Cell Res. 2019 Feb;29(2):93-94. [PubMed] [Direct]
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  5. A Worm’s Gut Feelings: Neuronal Muscarinic and Epithelial Canonical Wnt Pathways Promote Antimicrobial Defense
    Immunity. 2018 May 15;48(5):839-841. [PubMed] [Direct]
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  6. Siderophores: More than Stealing Iron
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  8. A hydrogen boost for Salmonella.
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  9. An intestinal arsonist: Pathobiont ignites IBD and flees the scene
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  10. Keeping the Peace: Aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling modulates the mucosal microbiota
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