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  1. Chapter 13: Salmonella and the host in the battle for iron
    Stress Response in Pathogenic Bacteria. CABI scientific publishing, Jun 2011. ISBN: 9781845937607 [Direct]
    Deriu E, Liu JZ, Raffatellu M
  2. Chapter 2: The intestinal phase of Salmonella infections
    Salmonella: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis. Horizon Bioscience, Feb 2007. ISBN: 9781904933434 [Direct]
    Raffatellu M, Tükel Ç, Chessa D, Wilson RP, Bäumler AJ
  3. Chapter 7: In vivo identification, expression and function of Salmonella virulence genes
    Salmonella Infections: Clinical, Immunological and Molecular Aspects. Cambridge University Press, Mar 2006. ISBN: 9780521835046 [Direct]
    Andrews-Polymenis HL, Dorsey CW, Raffatellu M, Bäumler AJ
  4. Chapter 21: Mechanisms of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium intestinal colonization
    Colonization of Mucosal Surfaces. ASM Press, Jan 2005. ISBN: 9781555813239
    Dorsey CW, Raffatellu M, Kingsley RA, Bäumler AJ